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Careful Science, LLC is the brain­child of industrial physicist and businessman Steve Ferrier. This new company works to ed­u­cate scientifically-in­ter­est­ed laypeople and others in the methods, logic and principles Science uses. In the process, we have a blast displaying the jawdropping beauty of the large and small universe as Science has revealed it so effectively in the modern age.

As you will see throughout this educational website, we are pro-Science from start to finish, while practicing positive, constructive analysis of the discipline. Mr. Ferrier is well-suited to this role, as a lifelong student of science and a career practitioner of scientific method and applied physics in his decades of work in the semiconductor industry. We believe this approach greatly benefits both the scientific community and the science-interested public at large.
Careful Science, LLC offers a service of educational presentations at your location that cover the kinds of topics you'll find on this website. Some specific talks:

·  What A Universe!
A guided tour from Earth's wonders through the biggest, most beautiful and most mysterious parts of the Universe
·  The Noise That Won the Nobel Prize
The fascinating discovery and extremely-puzzling character of the universe's Cosmic Microwave Background signal
·  Let's Determine To Free The Will!
A congenial but unequivocating treatment of one of the oldest scientific controversies, determinism vs. free will.

Talks generally run about ninety minutes, but can be fit within an hour if time is limited. Where possible and suitable, Mr. Ferrier may facilitate audience discussions on the presentation topic as part of the talk. For purposes of presentation quality, we normally provide our own audio-visual equipment setup. Facilities will need to accommodate our setup, so please contact us for details. Available talks and content may change without notice.
A short introduction to Steve Ferrier:
·  Award-winning national conference technical presenter
·  Experienced professional technical trainer
·  Approximately 20 years adult teaching experience
·  Provider of live-view telescope talks to gradeschoolers
·  Successful multi-decade career as industrial physicist
·  Holds multiple patents
·  B. S. Physics from Harvey Mudd College
We design our presentations to appeal primarily to a nontechnical but science-engaged audience from youth through adult ages. Our unique approach and custom presentation tools allow on-the-fly customization to accommodate audiences with a wide range of backgrounds.

Contact us today to arrange a talk at your location and bring you some of Science's most amazing and stunning discoveries. Along the way, we'll work hard to help you learn the best of Science's strengths and become better-prepared participants in our scientific culture.
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