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Careful Science presentations combine effective visuals, both still images and video illustrations, to raise participants' awareness of Science's achievements and discoveries to a new level. Each presentation can be delivered in a way which helps communicate clearly to a variety of audiences. We carefully design each talk to include content at a variety of depths, content that can be chosen on the fly through our custom-built presentation software to help customize the talk to the audience as we go. One key to the success of this approach is Mr. Ferrier's ability to engage the audience and interact well with them during the presentation. This helps avoid the dry, fact-based one-way delivery of information often experienced with Science presentations, turning them into an interesting conversation that connects directly with the audience's real interests. Here's more information about our approach and technology.
First, Careful Science, LLC focuses strongly on the visual quality of our material. Our company has its own video, audio and image editing capabilities, so we maintain full control over the quality standards of all visual content.

Not only does this provide high-caliber individual images and videos, it means that all our image and video content resolution is well-matched to our presentation equipment.

This graphical expertise also means we can bring out fascinating new views and reveal hidden details of the universe's structures such as you see in the simple Sombrero Galaxy example at right.

The result of all this attention to detail is a well-integrated set of visual descriptions that can deliver clarity and convey the impressively amazing nature of the universe.

Touch or hover your mouse over this Sombrero Galaxy image to show the details of the galaxy's center. Careful Science, LLC's image processing reveals a tiny core of densely-packed stars in the center. A supermassive black hole is thought to be present there as well. Image credits: default: NASA/ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA); processed image: Careful Science, LLC
Our Careful Science audio-visual system includes
·  Free-standing 12-foot-diagonal projection screen
·  Full 1080p HD digital projection system
·  Standalone 480W stereo audio system
·  High-flexibility web-based delivery software
·  Wireless audio for free interaction with audiences

We are early in our history as a company, so all talks have full content developed and are currently being reformatted one by one as presentations. Our hardware set is complete and ready for use, and our in-house custom web-based presentation delivery platform is well along toward completion. Our plan is to begin presentation scheduling in late April of 2020 for delivery starting in May. Contact us today to learn more about these outstanding, eye-opening talks.
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