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Uncovering Science's Deepest Beauty · Teaching Its Rigorous, Disciplined Thinking
Cosmology: our radically unfamiliar space and time
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Quantum Physics: craziness at the bottom of small
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Clearly  life  is completely different than anything else
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Recognizing and recovering Science's core principles
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From a few basic principles for careful thinking and questioning, Science has produced smartphones, scientific missions to Jupiter, automobiles, successful cancer treatments, crys­tal-clear images of distant stars and galaxies, and even the Internet.

With a resume like that, we should be listening hard to scientists' thinking. Maybe we ourselves can capture a little of the benefit scientific thinking has brought the whole planet!
That's where Careful Science comes in. A Careful Science talk opens your eyes to the dazzling universe that Science has discovered. Our interactive presentations immerse you in some of the universe's best views and deepest mysteries.

You'll enjoy thought-pro­vok­ing perspectives on the universe large and small, through in-person interactive talks supported by high-quality audio, large-display full-HD graphics and our custom-built responsive presentation software.
Then there's the other surprisingly fun part of a Careful Sci­ence talk. What if while you're seeing all these scientific wonders you could become a better, more-scientific thinker?

So while we wow you with the wonders of the universe, we'll painlessly blend in easy-to-grasp daily-life versions of the clear thinking and respectful skepticism that scientists use. You'll even apply them to Science itself. And any real scientist will applaud your newfound (and politely-applied) skill set.
Contact us today to schedule a memorable Careful Science in-person professional-quality interactive presentation
and leave your audience talking (and thinking) about it long afterward.
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